Security Systems

A home or business security system is a cost-effective solution for loss prevention and peace of mind alike. Modern security systems are far more advanced and discreet compared to their earlier counterparts. Mastertech installs all forms of home and business security systems including high-definition cameras, high-capacity recording systems, and even alarms and sensors for doors, windows, and indoor/outdoor motion detection.

Our home security systems generally include several high-definition cameras and individually-monitored door and window sensors. The system is designed to alert a homeowner of any suspicious activity and allows the user to view their cameras remotely. Home security cameras have the additional benefit of allowing the homeowner to check on family members or pets from anywhere in the world.

Our high-end security systems include advanced features such as facial recognition, biometric access control, and RFID proximity sensors, all backed by automated network redundancy and off-site data storage.

Home Automation

Home automation technology is a rapidly growing market due to the convenience and flexibility of modern systems by Google, Amazon, Philips, and other companies. Mastertech installs and supports a variety of home automation devices such as smart lighting, switches, door locks, climate control, and more.

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